Your privacy is extremely important to Chemical Villa.

We do not share our customers’ names, addresses, email addresses, or any other customer data with anyone.

We only collect information in order to fill orders, improve the website, and market to specific clientele. It is also used to collect payments, deliver orders, and track data.

If a customer opts in and provides us permission, we may send out e-mail notifications about items, specials, and newsletters on occasion. If you receive a cart reminder or email from us and DO NOT WISH TO CONTINUE RECEIVING THEM, you can unsubscribe at any time to have your information collected and removed from the mailing list.

Like the majority of e-commerce sites, this one collects data from third parties, such as the credit card companies we use to handle payments through and Paypal. We utilize the data required for shipping as well.

This site, like the majority of e-commerce sites, collects data from third parties, such as the credit card companies we employ to process payments and Paypal. We also use the data required for shipping.

Google Analytics* uses data to help store owners like us study online, site, and page traffic, as well as other critical information to help us grow our business and stay profitable. Google collects data that is often used in aggregate form and maintains track of things like location and device used. Separately, look for Google’s privacy and data collection policies.

People mostly communicate with us electronically. Every time you visit our website or send us an email, you will be communicating with us.

By signing below, you consent to us contacting you about sales, purchases, and other transactions in which we are involved. If you sign up for our website’s newsletters, you may receive additional emails from us.

We will stay in touch with you by sending emails and updating our website with news and announcements. You also agree that any notices, disclosures, agreements, or other communications sent to you electronically meet any applicable legal requirements for paper notifications and other documentation.

We also provide emails and text messages/SMS for abandoned carts (see below). You can always unsubscribe from those.
SMS text message transmission For company information and special offers, please visit: Customers who provide us with their phone number may receive SMS or text messages with information about our company and special offers.

You can always opt out of receiving these. When you sign up for SMS or Text messaging, you will be provided instructions on how to unsubscribe. Every time you receive a communication, you have the option of not receiving it.* We give an unsubscribe option with every communication.

Send us an email at [email protected] if you have any questions regarding our privacy practices or if you want to have your contact information removed from our corporate records. We will do our best to help you. Since data on product sales and deliveries is needed by both state and federal authorities for tax and revenue purposes, we are unable to delete that information. We shall do everything in our power to abide by any applicable state and federal laws, as well as any privacy concerns.