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We offer you webservices, but only in accordance with the terms outlined below and in additional agreements established by other businesses involved in the technology used to run this website. The following terms and the terms of the other firms participating in creating this website and cart are accepted when you use this website, visit it, or make a purchase. Read our terms and conditions if you can. BigCommerce, which might have further terms of service not addressed here, hosts and manages this website as well as the cart.

Payments & Terms of Payment

Accepted Payments –

Online or over the phone, credit card orders are accepted.

We accept PayPal and all major payment cards.
We accept business checks if we extend the conditions.

Cryptocurrency: The world is evolving and we evolve with it. Gone are those day when payment would take Days or weeks to clear from one account to another when making a purchase. Crypto has made payment and withdrawals very easy. We mainly accept BTC and TETHER

The shopping cart on the internet allows for payment of items. All transactions on the website involving the use of a credit card are subject to valid authorizations.

The buyer undertakes to work with us, the merchant, and other parties as necessary to resolve any issues that could negatively impact the merchant for the proper and correct payment for the items supplied if there are any faults or problems in the authorisation process.

On the website, it is forbidden to use a credit card fraudulently or unauthorized. The terms and conditions in the card holder agreement apply to all credit card sales. There may be additional terms and conditions.

Privacy policy

Please read our privacy statement about the collecting of user data before using our website further. You will have a better understanding of our business practices and those of the other companies whose technology we buy and license to run our store.

The store and cart technologies are built on and by the website of another firm (BigCommerce), and the underlying software and web browsers used to create the store experience all have distinct privacy rules. Users are aware that GBL Chemical Hub operates the website.

Mobile Terms of Service

We run a mobile-friendly website. On the mobile-friendly mobile site, our “Terms of Service” and privacy policy are applicable. For additional details, please refer to our “mobile terms of service” and separate Privacy Policy.


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Most of our communication is electronic or over the phone. You will be corresponding with us every time you visit our website or send us an email. By signing below, you give us permission to contact you about the sales, purchases, and other transactions we are involved in.

Text messages

Messages sent via SMS Customers can register their phone number to get SMS or text messages from us with information about our business and promotional offers. You are always free to opt out or unsubscribe from them. When you sign up for SMS / Text communications, as well as when you start receiving messages, instructions on how to unsubscribe will be given. For further details, please refer to our Privacy policy.

By accessing this website, you agree that, regardless of considerations of conflict of laws, the laws of the State of Arkansas, without regard to principles of equity or convenience of forum, will govern these terms of service and any dispute of any form that could arise between you, the buyer, and GBL Chemical Hub or its business partners or affiliates.


You hereby expressly consent to the exclusive jurisdiction and venue of the state and federal courts in Arkansas in connection with any arbitration involving any dispute relating in any way to your visit to our website or to anything you purchase from us.

No content from visitors may be posted on our website unless it has been approved and requested. We reserve the right to delete and/or alter such content, but we are not obligated to do so. You give GBL Chemical Hub the non-exclusive, unrestricted, and irrevocable right to use, reproduce, publish, and edit your content in any media worldwide when you post it.

License & Site view

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User Account(s)

If you are the owner of an account on our website, it is your exclusive responsibility to keep your login and password and other private information secure.

Disclaimer of all warranties

Chemical villa makes NO express or implied warranties.

Users and customers are aware of this and acknowledge that GBL Chemical Hub MAKES NO REPRESENTATIONS, GUARANTEES, OR ANY WARRANTY, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, REGARDING THE MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE OF PRODUCTS OFFered FOR SALE. Always test any and all items, materials, supplies, and chemicals before utilizing them.

There may be differences depending on the manufacturer’s specs for a certain product. We make no promises regarding the consistency of any color, or odor from one batch to the next. Variations might fall within the parameters set by the product’s manufacturer. When required, ask for a product’s specification sheet (Certificate of Analysis). If it is not listed on the product page, email us at [email protected] assistance address.

Although GBL Chemical Hub makes every effort to describe components and supplies as accurately as possible, we cannot ensure the accuracy or completeness of the information provided via our website, phone calls, or email interactions. However, it is the responsibility of the buyer to thoroughly investigate the proper use and safety information for each item, as well as any laws or ordinances governing the use, labeling, sale, and disposal of goods that are purchased and utilized.

You acknowledge that you, the buyer and/or the end user, are informed about the safe, acceptable use, handling, storage, and disposal of goods acquired and used by agreeing to purchase and use Chemicals and products sold by Chemical villa.

You acknowledge that you will not hold GBL Chemical Hub responsible for any issues resulting from the usage, storage, or disposal of products you have purchased or used from us or our website.

You take full responsibility for the final products you create utilizing Chemical villa-purchased substances.Chemical villa, its staff, and its owners disclaim any responsibility for any products’ suitability for a particular usage. Before using the product(s), the buyer should test the products. No express or implied warranties are provided by us (see above).

 This information is not meant to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any illness.

Sales Restrictions:

We retain the right to cancel orders and refuse service to anybody.

Cancellations and Returns

Due to the nature of the products we sell, we do not accept returns unless we ship the incorrect goods and are notified within 5 business days of the customer’s receipt of the goods. The right to impose cancellation costs is reserved by us. For further details, please visit our page on returns and cancellations.


Without prior warning, prices displayed on our website (catalog) may change. If you have any questions concerning costs, e-mail us.

Pack Sizes:

Depending on inventory, we have the right to alter product pack sizes. If the size of your package changes, we will let you know and alter your rates.

We are grateful for the chance to meet your chemical and supply needs! We at Chemical villa & Supply appreciate your business.