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Copper wire rod scrap is 99.9% scrap and comes in a variety of sizes. The product is too expensive, but it is worth using for a longer period of time with superior performance in both indoor and outdoor settings.
In the 1820s, copper wire scrap was used in electrical wiring and the construction of numerous electromagnets and telegraphs. It is one of the most effective electrical conductors on many wiring platforms. copper wire scrap buyers

Copper Wire Scrap: purity range: 99%

  • Specification:Grade ‘A’
  • Copper 99.9%
  • Carbon 0.03%
  • Phosphorus 0.01%max
  • Cobat 0.01%max
  • Sulphur 0.01%max
  • Iron 0.005%max
  • Zinc 0.003%

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